Do you want to develop with rupy without maintaining the live environment?
We backup1 your data instantly and scale2 the cluster to match your demand.
Our support is available 24/7 on our forum and you pay $1 per3.

*Point with CNAME to, for root domain register www sub-domain above and point @ here.
1Root Cloud Store
2 Taipei & Hong Kong in Asia
Omaha & Kansas City in US
Zürich & Berlin in Europe
3 ‑ 1 GHz CPU day*
‑ 10 MB RAM day*
‑ 1 GB SSD month/R/W
‑ 10 GB NET I/O
*∑ for your code only on all machines in the cluster.
host: fem / monitor / api & metrics / lite
Freepiks Fairfield, Connecticut
20XX - Coming SOON™ - Cloud IDE.
2017 - Added to Google Cloud.
2015 - Distributed database deployed.
2013 - Moved to ARM small board computers.
2011 - Created on Amazon Web Services.